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The cost of a written translation is calculated on the basis of the word count of the original text. The price offer is based on the file sent by the client, i.e. the original file, which is subject to translation.

A personal price offer is compiled on the basis of the client’s enquiry. The final price of the service will depend on the direction of the translation, the subject matter, the volume of text and the deadline for the translation (e.g. urgent orders). Orders which have a volume of more than 5 standard pages per working day are subject to the urgent translation fee.

TranslationWay offers simple written translation for the personal needs of the client. The price of a simple translation depends on the level of detail that the summary of the text should include. Simple translation is based on an hourly price. This service is up to 25% cheaper than the cost of a written translation.

The price of interpretation is based on each specific situation and on the calculation of its duration (hours or days).

Localisation is a time-consuming activity, which requires technical and intellectual expertise. If the client needs localisation in addition to editing and proofreading, then this is separately added to the price offer.

Language editing and proofreading is a part of each written translation order. We also offer these as separate services. The unit of text volume is one standard page, i.e. 1800 characters with spaces. The price offer is based on the file sent by the client, i.e. the original file, which requires editing.

The price of a tandem conversation depends on the goals of the learner, the level of language skills that is desired as a result of the conversations, the amount of preparation time needed by the conversation leader and the language direction of the conversation. The conversation lasts for 60 minutes, which is divided as follows: 15 minutes is meant for preparation (setting up the place of conversation) and the intense conversation will last for 45 minutes, which is also the basis for calculating the cost of the service.

Special discounts are offered to regular customers, students, and large-volume translations. 

The prices of services are shown without value-added tax (which is added to the invoices of clients from Estonia).