About Us

The people behind TranslationWay had worked in the Estonian translation sector for up to seven years before establishing the company. The translation specialists who work with our company have at least three years of experience in providing translation services. Several of our experts have skills which are the result of up to twenty years of translating experience.

In addition to ordinary written and oral translation, TranslationWay offers many other services. As a novel service amongst translation companies, we offer tandem conversation – a fast and cheap way to train, refresh or acquire language skills for tourism, receiving a foreign guest or to broaden one’s horizon! Tandem conversation is also suitable for foreign visitors who wish to acquire in a few hours the basic phrases that are used in Estonian day-to-day conversation.

In addition to spoken language, we offer tandem conversation in Estonian sign language. Estonian sign language tandem conversation enables to recall what has already been learned and to continue practicing Estonian sign language by conversing in sign language with a deaf person or a hearing person proficient in sign language. Studying Estonian sign language is gaining popularity, but there are few possibilities to acquire this language. There are even fewer possibilities for those interested in continuing further studies. TranslationWay is innovative in this regard: sign language tandem conversations bring the deaf and the hearers closer together, and by involving deaf people, the hearers that are studying can progress beyond the basic level and improve their signing skills in practical conversations. As a result, the deaf community, culture and Estonian sign language become more visible on the language landscape.

On our part we promise a high quality end result, so that by walking along TranslationWay you will reach your destination. We promise that by using our translation services you will experience satisfaction, which is based on an honest and high-quality translation, editing and conversation service.

We are convinced that an honest and high-quality service will result in a long-term relationship of cooperation based on trust.